Empowering our community, to live a fulfilled life

Our staff offer life-giving care, whether it’s at home, in a nursing or residential care home or in a hospital.

Empowering our community, to live a fulfilled life

BIT Healthcare Services was established in 2018, and has quickly become known across the Central England area for sourcing and supplying compassionate, reliable and diligent care staff. BIT Healthcare is managed by a dedicated team who have over 30 years of experience within the healthcare and recruitment industry. Our management team is made up of nurses and carers and business leaders who shape the approach we take in the provision of high quality care staff.

BIT Healthcare stands for the following values


We work in the care sector because we genuinely care about the people we serve. We empathise and sympathise with their health challenges, and we want to positively contribute to their wellbeing. We treat each how we would like to be treated, with respect and honour, and we take decisive action against poor conduct and care. This ensures our company culture of compassion filters through to our care staff, and ultimately benefits the service user.


We take pride in ensuring our core values of honesty, truthfulness, openness and transparency is aligned with our day to day business and care practice.





We understand how chaotic and challenging it can be when there are not enough nursing or care staff on the ground and there are lots of demanding care needs. Understaffing means the provision of quality care is directly impacted and staff morale runs low. We place an emphasis on ensuring our staff are dependable and committed to the work they do and the people they serve.





We believe in hard work and getting stuck in to whatever task we have at hand. We go out of our way, and then over and above some more. We work with excellence and joy! We understand the importance of a strong work ethic. We expect to see this same trait in the care staff we employ.  Diligence is man’s precious possession, and here at BIT Healthcare, we reward our staff who consistently serve and champion in our community.


Kindness brings sunshine to everyone’s day and being in a position to be able to give to others in need is a privilege we hold dearly. We live our lives on a daily basis with an attitude of giving, whether it’s our time, energy, pleasant words or money – we seek opportunities to give and share what we have. The knock on effect is powerful – happy nursing and care staff means happy service users, relatives and the butterfly effect takes off!





We understand that whilst we all have individual and personalised needs, we live within the context of a wider society. We recognise that there is a wealth of significance, experience, skills and talents in each individual that can be shared in order to make a positive contribution within the community. This ultimately enhances the person and aids in the development of healthy and trusting relationships.






BIT Healthcare is on a mission, to bring smiles and hope to the faces of the most vulnerable in our healthcare communities. We envision lives being positively changed every day, through the provision of high-quality, sincere compassionate care, championed by our experienced and reliable nurses, carers and support workers who we value and appreciate very much.