Community Support Groups for Healthcare Assistants

Community Support Groups for Healthcare Assistants

Working as a Healthcare Assistant can be very fulfilling. It is a great feeling to know you spent your day helping others. However, with this job comes a great deal of stress and frustration at times. This is due to short staffing so there is a lot to get done, issues with other healthcare staff, and at times, dealing with terminally ill patients or those who have died whilst in your care. All of this can start to take a toll on a Healthcare Assistant, both physically and mentally. As a result, many Healthcare Assistants suffer from burnout. They no longer find joy in the profession they were once passionate about.

To help you manage the stress and other factors that your job as a Healthcare Assistant brings, support groups are a great way to discuss how you are feeling, both the good and the bad. It is a way to create relationships and receive support from others in the same profession. You will also have the ability to provide support to others in the group.

There are many ways Healthcare Assistants set up support groups. It is very easy nowadays to set up online support groups such as a Facebook or Whats app group and ask those who are interested to join. Make sure your group description is only for Healthcare Assistants. BIT Healthcare has an online community support group and is able to offer their staff a meeting place to discuss concerns, and share experiences. 
During these support groups, you can have established topics for each week or you can just allow members to bring to the table whatever they want. Make sure to set up ground rules for respect as well as prevent the meetings from becoming nothing but complaint sessions. The purpose of the BIT Healthcare support group is to help you stay positive, not generate the negative.    

Online support groups for Healthcare Assistants have become very popular. They allow you a level of anonymity that face to face meetings do not. The BIT Healthcare online support group for Healthcare Assistants is free to join and offers greater access to one another when support is needed.

It is important for Healthcare Assistants to be aware of the dangers of stress and burnout in their profession. Having a reliable support system in place is a great way to offset the effects of stress and burnout. While our families and friends are often supportive of our career choice, sometimes they don’t understand the depth of some of the challenging issues that happen for Healthcare Assistants in their job. The BIT Healthcare support group is made up of your fellow colleagues which provides a space to find support from others who are walking in the same shoes as you. By being a part of the BIT Healthcare Team, you automatically become eligible to join our active online support, and you just might find it is exactly what you need to help you keep that level of enthusiasm for your job at its best.

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