Live-in Care Introduction

Live-in Care Introduction

What is Live-in Care?

Live-in Care is an ideal arrangement where a carer will come and reside with you to  support your daily care needs.  A live-in carer can provide support such as companionship which is particularly beneficial for the elderly in their later years of life.

Live-in care has many advantages over residential or care homes and provides more control to the person who is being cared for. Live-in care services for the elderly is a better choice to those who prefer to live in their own homes.

BIT Healthcare Care Introduction Services

BIT Healthcare Care Introduction Services can introduce you to suitable live-in carers. We make it easy for you to identify the best live-carer to meet your individual needs. 

How Does BIT Healthcare Care Introduction Work?

We recruit the carers, interview them, check references, do background and criminal record checks and will often provide training. 

The carers work independently on a self employed basis and will take care of all their own tax affairs and you don’t have to worry about anything.

 The carer will be trained to meet your individual needs of or that of your loved one who needs care services. The live-in carer won’t be under the direct supervision and control of BIT Healthcare but will be under your supervision directly. The carer will be registered as self-employed and will submit their own tax return at the end of each year.

For Live-in Care Introduction Services you can give daily instructions directly to the live-in carer. BIT Healthcare is there as an advisor for your needs. We will offer advice and support on the setting up and management of the care service, but ultimately it is between you (the client) and your live-in carer to decide the best course of action.

Our Care Introduction Services are slightly cheaper than that of a fully managed live-in care service. However it is important to note that with this model you are legally in a direct contract with the live in carer and are involved in the administration of the service. You’ll need to take on certain responsibilities as an employer and are directly responsible for paying the carer. This means you’ll have to think about salary, sickness, holiday pay and liability insurance.

Benefits of BIT Healthcare Care Introduction Service

24 Hour On Call Service

You will never be left without the support of a Live In Carer. You and your family have access to a 24 hour on call service which is managed by the BIT Healthcare management team.



You are employing the live-in carer directly therefore all responsibilities associated with the service is managed by yourself, however we can provide you with advice and support in how to navigate through the process.


Not Regulated by the Care Quality Commission

Introductory live-in care services are not under the remit of the Care Quality Commission as we are not acting as a provider of care.


Always At Your Service 

BIT Healthcare helps you or your loved one find your most suitable live-in carer and help source a replacement or substitute professional, as required, on an on-going basis.


Better Support Services

We have a dedicated account manager to provide support services for you and your live in carers so you can be better advised and manage your own care independently.

Try our Live-In Care Introduction Services. Call us to know more, we are here for you 024 76993 625.

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