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Job Title: Live-In Care Worker

Reporting to: The worker will report directly to the employer.

Purpose of the post:

The purpose of the role is to assist with a variety of tasks and enable the employer to live independently Independence for a disabled or elderly person does not have to mean carrying out all tasks themselves; instead, it means having control about when and how they live their life.


Caring physiotherapist helping old woman to exercise in nursing home with dumbbells.

Hours of work:

Flexibility is required, as employer’s needs may vary from day to day.

However, the basic regular hours of work are:

A certain amount of flexibility is required and also will be agreed depending on circumstances. This is a self-employed role.

Pay and Annual Leave:

Will be agreed upon directly with employer


Typical duties might include assisting the employer with the following:

Personal duties:


Washing/brushing hair


Dressing and undressing

Getting in and out of the wheelchair (‘transferring’)

Personal care assistance; to use the toilet / changing pads / catheter care / stoma care / using the commode [delete as appropriate]

Mealtime assistance; Breakfast, cook lunch, go to social events if appropriate, collect medication and sometimes do shopping.

Correspondence; reading letters aloud, writing replies

Assistance to communicate with professionals and utility companies

Administrative tasks and paperwork reminding hospital appointments and collecting medication from pharmacy.

You would receive full guidance from the employer in all of the above, so although experience is preferred, no experience is necessary.

Domestic duties:

General housework, including the cleaning, dusting and vacuuming of all rooms, washing clothes, ironing, etc

Clean under furniture, under bed, house mopping, dust, windows, washing, ironing.

Minor household maintenance, e.g., changing light bulbs

Shopping/carrying shopping bags

Cleaning and minor maintenance of car; pumping up tyres, checking oil

Upkeep and maintenance of equipment; wheelchair, hoist.  The employer will give guidance.

Social Duties:

Accompanying to social meetings and places of interest

Accompanying to appointments


The person specification describes the characteristics of suitable applicants :

Essential Criteria:

Must be female (an Occupational Requirement exists under Section 1(1) of Schedule 9 of the 2010 Equality Act – due to the nature of the post)

Must have a current Disclosure and Barring Service check (formerly known as Criminal Record Bureau Disclosure or CRB check) or be prepared to have one completed

Must have a person centred approach and an understanding of enabling independence

Must be honest, reliable and trustworthy

Must adopt a flexible approach to the work

Must be respectful of confidentiality and dignity (many problems can arise from casual conversations about the help and assistance you might give.  It is important to maintain a professional attitude at all times).

Must have the emotional resilience to be able to support individuals facing challenges in their day to day life

Must be able to follow instructions but also to work on own initiative

Must be able to work as part of a team

Must have good organisational and communication skills

Preferably have a clean driving licence and use of a car

Ability to perform all tasks on the job description, with guidance where appropriate

Basic literacy and numeracy are required

Good general health is important

Able to handle the physical skills of lifting, handling, pushing and bending

Clean, with no unhygienic habits

Able to tolerate the employer smoking in their work environment/able to refrain from smoking at work.

Able to work the specified, available hours

Appreciative of the stresses of the employer’s disability and the effect this can have on the acceptance of help.

Desirable criteria:

Experience of personal assistance work

Enjoys socialising

If you have received the following training this would be helpful, but not essential:

Food hygiene

Manual handling

First aid

Accident prevention and fire safety

Reporting and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults / Children.

Or be willing to undertake such training.