Home / RGN And RMN

Job Title:  First Level Nurse (RGN/RMN)

Responsible to:  Home Manager/Deputy Home Manager

Location :  As per contract

Hours of work :  As per contract

Salary :  As per contract



To be physically involved in the nursing care of the residents and to meet all service user’s individual needs, either personally or through delegation. To take responsibility for, and effectively supervise the day to day running of the home, in the absence of the Home Manager and Deputy Manager and ensure that the care is of a high standard at all times


  • Registered General Nurse or Registered Mental Health Nurse
  • Genuine interest in working within a caring environment
  • Ability to communicate effectively at all levels.
  • Team Player
  • Willingness to participate in vocational training programmes
  • Satisfactory police check and check against the ISA list (where applicable)
  • Basic understanding of the Health and Safety at Work Act


  • Evidence of continuing professional development
  • Previous experience of working with assessment and care planning


  • To be aware of each service user’s social and medical needs.
  • To be the named nurse for a specific number of service users. To take responsibility for those care plans by assessing, implementing and evaluating each service users medical, psychological and social needs on a regular basis or as needs change as the Company Policies and Procedures indicates.
  • To store all service users care plans as Company Policy and Procedure and Data Protection Act 1998.
  • To lead and supervise a team of care assistants in carrying out their key worker roles.
  • Offer consultation and supervision to all staff on a regular basis in accordance with the Majesticare Supervision Policy and maintain appropriate records.
  • Develop staff skills in preparation for promotion or additional responsibilities.
  • To carry out staff appraisals in line with the company keyworker system
  • Ensure that the staff allocation sheet for the shift is completed in full and offers the correct skill mix to meet the needs of the residents
  • To participate in appropriate learning and practice activities that maintains and develops your competence and performance.
  • To ensure coverage of the home at all times, making the best possible use of staff resources.
  • To undertake drug rounds at prescribed times – ensuring sufficient drugs are available for following 24 hours.
  • To ensure that controlled drugs are checked by and administered by 2 appropriately trained members of staff, one of whom must be a 1st level nurse.
  • To abide by all company Policies and Procedures in accordance with the Staff Handbook and Policy and Procedure File.
  • To complete medical administration records (MAR) correctly. To complete all daily drug check lists as required by the Home Manager.
  • To report and record all complaints, accidents, happenings and untoward incidents to the nurse in charge/Deputy or Home Manager as per Company Policy and Procedure.
  • To complete all appropriate monitoring records and care plans. To note any area of concern and implement a plan of care. For new residents ensure that the care plan is completed within 72 hours.
  • To design, implement and review care plans for all new service users, in accordance with company policy.
  • To promote the general physical appearance of service users at all times.
  • To assist in teaching care assistants to carry out their duties and to understand the abilities and disabilities of each service user.
  • To carry out prescribed dressings and other aspects of wound and pressure ulcer management and ensure that all service users have appropriate pressure relieving equipment.
  • To be responsible for an area of clinical competence and complete all appropriate nursing audits as requested by the Home Manager.
  • To carry out nursing procedures as necessary; which may include blood glucose estimation, blood pressure measurement, temperature measurement, urine testing, etc.
  • To record all baseline observations each month. Note any area of concern and implement a plan of care.
  • To ensure all recording charts, when in use, are kept up to date. In particular food and fluid records and other daily observations.
  • To prescribe, promote and assist in personal hygiene, mobility, toileting and continence training for all residents, in conjunction with care assistants, including the referral to specialist nurses and preparation of care plans as appropriate.
  • To provide nurse escort duties when required.
  • To manage and implement the company daily staff allocation system.
  • To deal with short-notice absences as and when required
  • To assist in the serving of meals and feeding of residents monitoring adequate fluid and food intake
  • To help to promote a better quality of life for the residents by encouraging them to join in activities and in general conversation, with the assistance of the care staff
  • To take charge of the home in the absence of the Home Manager and the Deputy Manager.
  • To read and implement the Company Policy and Procedure on Infection Control. To have an awareness or willingness to undertake training in CQC and all regulatory requirements on Infection Control.
  • To ensure the appropriate segregation of clinical and other waste materials and ensure that they are disposed of in accordance with current legislation. CQC Guidance on Quality and Safety, NMC Guidance and Company Policy and Procedure on Infection Control.
  • To assist with any necessary regulatory requirements as detailed by the Home Manager or Deputy Home Manager including making reports to the regulators.
  • To read and promote the Company Policy and Procedure on Health and Safety in accordance with the Employee Handbook and the Health and Safety Executive.
  • To undertake any training necessary for the completion of your duties.
  • To be aware of all health and safety and fire regulations at all times and practice accordingly. To complete all Company Health and Safety and Fire Records as required.
  • To attend staff and other meetings as requested.
  • To undertake any other duties as and when required.