Corona Pandemic Measures

Need not be said that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the health care sector in the United Kingdom and across the world.

We have seen unprecedented measures being taken by government authorities and healthcare institutions to control the spread of the virus and minimize its impact where possible. 

As a healthcare staffing agency it has been our priority at BIT Healthcare to take care of our staff as well as the people they care for and our clients. 

As a healthcare staffing agency we took measures to protect our staff by implementing safety measures from the very onset of the pandemic.

Safety First

  • We ensured our staff were kept up to date with the latest safety guidelines from Public Health England.
  • Our staff had access to timely PPE in line with infection control measures.

Morale & Mental Support

  • We offered our staff an in-house pastoral service for anyone who had concerns or anxieties surrounding the pandemic.
  • We provided an online open forum for care staff to communicate with one another in a group setting for moral support and sharing of experiences.

Prevent Cross Contamination

  • We ensured care staff were exclusive to one particular place of work to minimize the risk of cross contamination.

Access to Sick Pay

  • We made sure our staff were informed of the sickness protocol and had access to sick pay.

Advocate on Behalf of Our Staff

  • We advocated on behalf of our care staff if they felt they weren’t being supported effectively in their place of work.
  • We made sure staff were paid on time and that there were no delays with access to funding for transport and other necessities.

Recognized Contribution of Staff 

  • We rewarded staff who worked hard during the pandemic, and regularly commended staff for their caring attitude and kind heart in not giving up their service to some of the most vulnerable in our society.

Safe Transport For Staff

  • We provided transport and drivers for care staff to aid them in getting to and from their place of work safely.

Access to COVID-19 Testing

  • We made sure staff had access to Coronavirus testing and made provision for them to attend their nearest testing centers.

Key Worker Status

  • We supported staff with key worker status so they could access priority shopping.

We at BIT Healthcare continue to support our staff on an ongoing basis and are committed to their health & wellbeing as well as that of our community. Meanwhile it is our individual responsibility to take all safety precautions and abide by rules set for containing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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