What is Live-in Care?

What is Live-in Care?

We often come across this query – What is Live-in Care?

Support Worker, Live-in care service
Support Worker, Live-in care service

At  BIT Healthcare we believe that live-in care is a powerful support system wherein individuals are empowered to live life on their own terms.  A fully trained care or support worker comes to live in the home to support the individual with their daily activities enabling them to live a comfortable and independent life in their own home.  Live-in care enables people to stay in their own home rather than move into a care home.

In other words, a live-in carer stays with the individual full-time at their home supporting the person with support needs such as personal care and companionship. 

Our live-in carers are available to assist you with any care needs throughout the day as well as night.

BIT Healthcare works alongside an individual to create a customised plan based on their daily routine and is suitable to meet a wide variety of individual requirements. For some it may be to meet personal care needs such as washing, dressing, medication, cooking, house-work etc whilst for others it may be companionship and socialising. For example, our live-in carers accompany individuals on shopping trips, going out to meet people or to visit the doctor or a hair-dresser.

The key to a successful live-in carer relationship is in matching the individual with the right carer. At BIT Healthcare we will support you so that you find your ideal carer from our database based on your individual interests, preferences and care requirements. This will have a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being just as it will lead to a satisfying and independent lifestyle.

We are highly selective of the live-in carers in our database who are carefully chosen after a thorough screening process and based on personality and character.  

At BIT Healthcare we firmly believe in the dignity of the community we serve, both young and old, and we are committed to ensuring that they can lead a normal, independent life.  To know more about BIT Healthcare Live-in services  please email info@bithealthcare.co.uk or call 02476993625.

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